Siddiqsons Industries (Pvt) Limited – Fabric Finishing Plant

Siddiqsons Industries, houses machinery and equipment, which ensures timely delivery of quality products. It is this factor coupled with the skills and experience of its workforce that has enabled the company to achieve a production capacity of about 75,000 meters per day of mill dyed and printed fabrics.

The dyeing Plant includes Babcock Continuous Bleaching, Beginner Mercerizing, Kuster Thermasol and Pad Batch, Stork Rotary and Lafer energizing. All this with the combination of its dedicated human resource enables the company to have enough product diversity to serve its customers rapidly changing requirements. The mill is also well equipped with yarn, fabric and processing laboratories for testing at each stage of value addition.

All this with In-house Power generation and R.O. (Reverse Osmosis) plants in the processing unit ensure a continuous and consistent supply of utilities. It’s the research, dedication and adherence to quality principles that have put the Company where it is today. Stringent standards at every level of production from loom state and finished fabric have ensured that the products enjoy customer satisfaction and quality certifications to give its customers the trust and confidence to bank on.

  • Knits Finishing Compactor
  • Soft flow knit bleaching and dyeing